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Originally Posted by jedi3112
He was elected Emperor. Did you not hear the big round of applause when he created the First Galactic Empire. That means the senators (also elected officials) agree with the decision of the chancellor. Off course, some couldn't take their democratic defeat and joined the seperatists in their rebellion against the Republic and now the Empire. Choosing to use terrorism to archieve their goals instead.
No emperor holds an "elected" status, even if he was previously elected to a legislative or executive position. Because no one opposed his proclamation doesn't mean he continues to hold his elected status. When the form of government changed from a Republic to an Empire, a blank slate was created. Even if the same people held similar positions in the government - including him as the "supreme leader" - no previous election results count anymore. You either have another election or you have a totalitarian government. The First Galactic Empire was the latter, which began with Palpatine's initially popular self-appointment to the position of "emperor".

But no emperor is "elected", by the very nature of the position - if he were, he wouldn't be an emperor, he'd be a president...or a chancellor.
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