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DW, you forgot to use this smily at the end of your post...

Originally Posted by Toa Tahu
Was anyone ever satisfied with melee combat in the KotOR series?
I was perfectly satisfied.

Originally Posted by Toa Tahu
I, for one, was never happy with the games' statistical melee combat. I would have preferred a more active combat, where skill, instead of statistics, prevailed.
I, for one, wish people would actually take into consideration what type of game this is before making suggestions like this.

RPG's are Role Playing Games... The KotOR series is a 'pure' RPG, meaning it is based off of a Paper and Pencil (PnP) game system, these games are meant to test your mind, not your button mashing capability.

So in these games it is your statistics that matter, you can play a FPS later on to satisfy your "skill".

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