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The people did elect te senators that gave him the power to declare himself Emperor. By doing so they elected him as Emperor. They also gave him the power to appoint the next Emperor. So they have been elected as well. In fact even Julius Ceasar was elected as Emperor and he appointes Augustus to be his succesor. If they didn't want him to be their Emperor, they would have elected other people to the senate. Naturally it was a very good decision, the security greatly improved and many other decisions were made a great deal faster. The costs of the time lost due to bereaucracy has greatly decreased as well. And of course having a King or Emperor to lead you is much better then having a chancellor or president. Kings and Emperors also have a much higher autority. So the Empire really improved the lives of it's people a lot already. And many more future projects await. Just to name one

Wookiees should be shaved and their hair should not be able to grow back. This is very easy to accomplish using even outdated technology. The benefits would be that the spreading of plagues would be greatly hindered. In case you didn't know, the wookiee fur houses many small creatures, such as flees, and these creatures usually carry various kinds of diseases. These may not be spread across the galaxy off course. Thus prviding a major increase in the health of all species. Off course the wookiees will like the idea of getting rid of these diseases permantly as well. Imperial studies have also indicated that wookiees find their furs to be a psychological prison. Not to mention the annoyance of the flees and stuff. So removing the furs will liberate the wookiees. The wookiees will then burn their own furs in a ceremonial liberating burning of the furs. There may be some resistance, but they will be given proper education at Kessel, only untill they have seen the light off course, after wich there is no need to keep them there and so they are free to go.

So as you can see, the Empire does everything in it's power to bring you proper education and to keep you healthy and intelligent.

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