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>>Merchant Rescue - Blenjeel {t1_danger} [0 Secrets]
//Force powers, Light: HEAL 1, MIND TRICK 1, PROTECT 1
//Force powers, Core: JUMP 1, PULL 1, PUSH 1, SENSE 1, SPEED 1, Lightsaber Defense 1,
Lightsaber Offense 1, Lightsaber Throw 1
//Force powers, Dark: n/a
//Objectives: Find and bring back to your ship an Energy Cell.
Find and bring back to your ship a Power Coupling.
Find and bring back to your ship a Damper.
Find and bring back to your ship a Power Converter.
Only one ship part may be carried at a time. Return a part to the ship in order
to retrieve another.
//Enemies: Sand Burrowers

\\Light Force choices: Heal 2
\\Dark Force choices: n/a
\\Weapons choices: Blaster Rifle, Bowcaster, Thermal Dets

Nice piloting... welcome to Dune.

Lovely Sandworms (uninhabited... yeah, right) - and your weapons won't affect them.
Thermal Dets will distract them (throw them towards an area, and when the Sandworms pop up go
the other way), but for the most part you're going to want to stay off the sands. You can
actually kill a Sandworm with a few TDs, but they just respawn... so avoiding them is best. As
long as you're standing on a piece of wreckage - no matter how small - or a rock, they can't
touch you.
From where you start, turn to the left - you'll see several pieces of wreckage... this
first one right next to the rock you're on, one slightly lower down with an oval thing on it,
and another piece beyond that which has a broken grate (remember that piece of wreckage; you'll
need it later); beyond the wreckage you'll see several rocks, including a round pinkish one.
Head over to those rocks - avoiding the sand - and get up on the big brown rock at the end...
the pink one will sink into the sand, so move quickly. Turn to your right.
Look down and you'll see an object down on the sands, with several stone columns like
stepping stones beyond it... use SENSE as you look down and the object will glow blue - that
let's you know it's one of the items you need.
Save and get ready... you'll have to move fast, which means Speed. Drop down (about 15
points damage) and grab the item (just walk over it), hit SPEED, and JUMP from column to column
until you're back on solid ground again... you need to move fast because the columns will sink
into the sand as well. Getting back to your ship, get up on the engine pod before racing to the
ramp... even that small section of sand between the pod and the door isn't safe.
This is the Energy Cell, and in your ship it goes in the passenger cabin area... just
get close to the glowing red area (on the right as you enter the cabin) and it will snap into
place. There's a couple of Medpacks at the back of the passenger cabin if you need them.
Get back up on that wreckage and look towards the wreck of the Merchant ship... use
SENSE and you'll see a blue glow in the rock columns to the left, one in the Merchant ship, and
one way out in front of the Merchant ship.
Get on the wreckage with the oval shape on it... follow that down into the wreckage,
SPEED, and cross over to the next section of Merchant ship (though I don't think the Sandworms
can get at you through this fused sand under the wreck, but...). Jump up on the catwalk and
into the next room, drop down and grab the Power Converter. While you're in here, note the
roundish hole in the side of the hull, and the emergency medical supplies (Medpacks) in that
glass case. Head back to your ship and install the Power Converter in the first section of the
ship, on the left.
Back out, and back into that section of the Merchant ship where you got the Power
Converter... head to that hole in the side and look down - that wing- shaped piece of wreckage
down there is Force affected; use PULL on it. Drop down on to it and work your way from
wreckage to wreckage out towards the front of the ship. Ahead and to your right is another pink
rock and a pair of bigger rocks beyond it; SPEED to the bigger rocks without touching the pink
one. Face towards the piece on the sands (the Damper), save, hit SPEED, run out and grab it,
then back to the rocks by way of the pink one. Head back to your ship and install this Damper
in the first section, on the left. Just one piece left now.
For that last piece... get on that piece of wreckage with the broken grate, and look
towards that set of rocks to the left of the ship wreckage... at the base of the rocks is a
crate, and a piece of equipment on the sands beyond it. Drop down (about 23 points damage),
SPEED, get up on that crate and recover... then get the piece, "Just the Power Coupling I need
for the acceleration compensator.", and get back on the crate.
To get back to your ship, just run downhill and into the Merchant ship... an alternate
way is to get on those rocks - they're like a stairway - and jump to the top of the Merchant
ship. Just as much fun, instead of returning to the crate you can run straight ahead and on to
that next bit of wreckage, and from there to the top of the other section of Merchant ship.
Install this piece in your ship on the right side, and it's the end of the level.

Did you ever get the urge to yell "Fetch!" when throwing a TD to distract a Sand

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