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I see you are well educated, Jedi3112 - indeed, I have to agree with you that the Wookie-Shave-Program is perhaps the first step to a breakthrough in both galactic medicine AND the attempts to civilize the Wookie savages. In fact their fur is somewhat of a symbol of outdated savagery - they only cling to it, because they are afraid of cold - despite the widespread availability of electric heaters. Perhaps there is also a bit of shame associated with their reluctance - but they should quickly get over it, once we have taught them how to WEAR clothes instead of eating them. Their primal fear of cold is, as clever imperial scientists have recently uncovered - a deep trauma in the wookie soul and only sparks their aggressivity in an instinctual self-defense mechanism. You know, fear leads to hate and so on (though this is, in fact, one of the many pretty stupid proverbs of the extinct Jedi Sect - it IS true in this special case).

Glory to the Empire!
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