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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Heh, nice plot twists. I love it.
The dress description was cool. I might have found a different euphemism ('crotch' just was a little too jarring--the word itself doesn't bug me, it was just its juxtaposition with such a lovely dress description), though 'nether regions' is just way too 'bodice-ripper novel'-ish.
I hope Corona gets taken down good....I'll be interested to see what Dasa does--he seems to be headed for a conflict himself.
I have great faith in the ability of Breia et al to find some truly creative way of extricating themselves from this situation and implicating Corona with the Echani gun no less.
Sorry about the crotch. It was flowing well and you guys are seeing it as it is written with little or no editing. I changed the phrase to 'her privates' describing both regions.

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