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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Love the battle scenes, love imagining just what Breia's going to do next, love the kids wreaking havoc throughout the ship as the crew can only react. Using the crates as a countermeasure was a nice touch. Good to know the missiles weren't heat seakers or Sanji would have been screwed.
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Not missiles, projectiles. Remember this is onyl slightly advanced to what we have now.

As for the sewage tank, it's contents weren't on my mind. What happened was I was having them chop up anything that would seriously damage but not totally destroy the ship, so fuel tanks, main electrical power, gravity generators, life support etc, are out. They also had to leave elevators and the storage area where the ship was. I wanted something Tokara would remember for a long time.

But when I wrote the segment, I used the wrong word. You see, if it were marked sewage, they would have probably firgured it out. On a ship, this is actually called a Sanitary tank.

Does that tell you what is in it?

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