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Originally Posted by machievelli
Sorry about the crotch. It was flowing well and you guys are seeing it as it is written with little or no editing. I changed the phrase to 'her privates' describing both regions.
'Crotch' itself doesn't bug me--being in the med field I call them by their proper anatomical terms myself, and my friends in college took great delight in 'educating' me on all the other permutations of names for private parts just to see me blush, so I had to learn them just so I could quit getting embarrassed. Now with 2 kids I get more private part discussions than I ever wanted because they're at the age where that's just either fascinating or hilarious. Our dinner table conversation can be...interesting.
Anyway, in its context, it would be fine. I just had this jarring sensation because I was picturing this woman in a lovely dress in the middle of an opulent bedroom, and all of the sudden along comes what I consider one of the more crass terms for female anatomy and boom, my image of the scene was shot. If you used a different term that worked with the image you were creating, I would have been fine with that, too. I was fine with breasts because it doesn't carry the same negative baggage, or at least has a more pleasant connotation. If you'd used 'boobs,' then I would have had the same jarring reaction.

Sanitary tank--still makes me think of poop, sorry, since it sounds like a euphemism for a toilet tank. After hearing about all the raw sewage that went into Lake Michigan last year or the year before courtesy of Milwaukee's failed sewer system, 'sewage' and poop are probably forever linked.

You know, my son would be proud of me for all this discussion of privates and poop.

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