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I have indeed had the benefit of proper Imperial education. If on the other hand I had the lowly rebel education, I would probably even think that Kessel was a spice mining prison, instead of an Imperial Education Facility. Unfortunatly though the rebels do anything they can to hinder research that would benefit all of the galaxy. In fact they even enjoy causing the destruction of planets in the process. A clear example of this is the Tatooine terraforming and food production program.

Not only did they sabotage the DeathStar, causing the destruction of Alderaan, when it transported water, to be dublicated, from that planet. They also prefented that dublicated water to be shipped to Tatooine where was to be used for the terraforming and food production program. If they hadn't sabotaged the DeathStar, Tatooine would have been a vertile planet by now. The food that was to be farmed on Tatooine could have been used to support the population of many other planets as well. Just think of the horrors of people starving, their blood is now on the hands of every single rebel, mixed with the blood of the people of Alderaan (though that planet was far from peacefull). They even kill their own. The Empire has every right to kill them, but instead they Empire continues to give them proper education to make them see the light. This just demonstrates that the Empire values life above all else, unlike those bloodthirsty rebels.

I hereby invite you all to go to your nearest Imperial Recruitment Office and join the Empire to restore peace and prosperity to the galaxy. Don't do it for the Empire, do it to because you are an idealist. Because you want to improve the galaxy, because you love freedom. Join the Empire today.

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