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I think i could be cool with a GF-movie, and I know it would work perfect. You guys know where Tim Schafer got the ideas for GF from ? Films...
The afterlife-plot from Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas", and the noir-attitude from alot of other movies like Chinatown and Casablanca. The last movie, Casablanca, is a perfect clone of the first 2 years of GF. With Bogart playing Rick Blaine, this is a perfect match Manny, and Victor Laszlo played by Paul Henreid, is sitting with a piano and playing on Rick's casino. All the characters is in that movie....

I can recommend all these movies, but specially "Nightmare before Christmas" and Casablanca...!!

Try to browse ... You can see that all the characters in GF is played by good old actors....

What'd **** !?!?

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