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Originally Posted by gswift
If they release the mod tools before they are really ready, everyone will be even more upset than they are about any delay. I think they learned a lesson from the release of EaW before it was really ready. They probably could have sold more copies if they fixed more bugs before the release. I'm glad they are taking the time to get the mod tools working right before releasing them, rather than just dump some junk on us.
er...yeah... LucasArts has been around for >15 years. Petroglyph is made up of ex-EA/ex-Westwood employees with similar experience levels (C&C was 1995 right?) - so you think they learned something about releasing a product before it was ready, and that nobody involved had ever made a mistake like that before or wasn't aware of the consequences in doing so? uh huh...

I'm not covering anything they don't know already - they're well aware that what they do has an impact on the size of their customer base. Whether they release mod tools at this point will allow them to regain some popularity with the users they already have. After the brash of support problems and the bad memories surrounding the marketing/handling of their first petroglyh product here, I doubt any mod tool release will draw in new customers or grow this product. An expansion that can be sold with fixes and mod tools included might do the trick, but a free download mod tool release wouldn't be worth much effort IMO, which is most probably why it is delayed. As had been stated above, E3 and their next product is taking the priority seat, as it should.
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