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The gun came up, and Breia’s hand moved. The knife she held was only 75 mm long. But she had forged the blade herself. It went through muscle, bone, and the grip without even slowing down. Corona stared at the hand as the blade came back, removing three of the fingers from the other hand, forcing him to let go.
So am I correct in understanding Breia made two cuts? The first cut off part of his hand that held the pistol and the second cut off three fingers of his hand that was holding onto her robe. The first time I read this I got the image that she threw the knife and it cut through one hand and then came around like a boomerang and cut off the fingers of the other. That didn't seem right though.

Very interesting that Antilles' sensor officer was willing to face death when he very well could have just let the two spacecraft peacefully land aboard the ship and Antilles would probably have never known that Queek was moonlighting for Tokara Company.

One dead, two wounded from the shuttle crew, eh? I have a bad feeling about this...

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