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lolz... as much as I dislike the idea... Grievous going from badass to bronchitic was the work of Mace in the CW microseries. This was a retcon to fit in with GLs whim to have Grievous coughing(a recording studio joke) and also that GL wanted Anakin to be the entire focus of ROTS. It's all stated plainly in "The Making of ROTS" This being said, one shouldnt say that Grievous was totally incompetent before the Battle of Coruscant

I really dont see what the hang ups are about retconning. Its a necessary evil, for any expnasive fictional universe.

And yes, to a degree, the TV series will funk things up too But it's all part of the fun IMO

@Kurgan... surely you jest when you say that alot of EU should become "Tales told around a Campfire" Thats crazy talk !

Those who have read the NJO/ Dark Nest will have gotten some grasp of the work that was done to draw the many branches of EU together. eg. Jacen having trained with the Fallanassi. LFL and the authors involved in NJO really did an awesome job of tying together so many divergent bits of EU into something cohesive.

The Ssi-Ruuvi, The Farlanders, Kyle Katarn, The Nightsisters, The Hapans etc etc, all had a role. Since the NJO described a conflict that spanned the entire galaxy, it was only appropriate that all these things get woven into it. For someone who had read EU since day dot, it made reading the NJO quite exciting. It seemed like all the authors were "on the same page" in many respects, allowing for story arc and character development over many books with varying authors.

Jorus C'Boathe appears prominently in Outbound Flight. I highly doubt his clone will appear in the TV series !! I loved how Outboubd Flight was subtly tied into the NJO and "Rogue Planet". Great to see Vergere get mentioned

Garm Bel Iblis is a definite possibility though for the TV series. He was mentioned in the ROTS novelisation as one of the "Rebel Senators". We'll have to wait n see


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