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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
lolz... as much as I dislike the idea... Grievous going from badass to bronchitic was the work of Mace in the CW microseries. This was a retcon to fit in with GLs whim to have Grievous coughing(a recording studio joke) and also that GL wanted Anakin to be the entire focus of ROTS. It's all stated plainly in "The Making of ROTS" This being said, one shouldnt say that Grievous was totally incompetent before the Battle of Coruscant
Another explanation was that Grevious was shown to be less than ideal so that it was clear that cyborg technology was far from perfect. This what happened to Vader and the resulting repairs were clearly a hinderance and not a help.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
I really dont see what the hang ups are about retconning. Its a necessary evil, for any expnasive fictional universe.
Sure, but the question is whether all previous stories are necessary for inclusion and thus retconning. I'm saying that SW EU would probably benefit from being a bit more selective (especially regarding older, pre-PT stories) with what it includes in the overall canon storyline. What is so bad about removing some stuff from the timeline? Is having to come up with potentially poor retcons to shoehorn every little (and potentially poor) thing into the story better than picking and chosing the things that fit the best and are most recent (or other criteria)?

I would suggest that it isn't.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
And yes, to a degree, the TV series will funk things up too But it's all part of the fun IMO
IIRC you were one of those who were up in arms about the CW cartoon and LOE contradicting each other.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
It seemed like all the authors were "on the same page" in many respects, allowing for story arc and character development over many books with varying authors.
However, there were many complaints about inconsistent character portrayals and development, dropped story archs, and other incosistencies from author to author. IIRC many authors did not read the other books, and went directly from notes and so on.

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