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(sorry I haven't been foruming for a while. i got a new computer and I spent the last few days trying to remember my password.)
rioko:*in his mind*Well, better go get joe for his training.*flys invisibly to joe*


Rose: All Right! Alone at last!*runs to Rioko*
Rioko:*Unveals himself as Loboto in disguise.*Muhhahahahahaha! time to take that crystal!
Rose: Uh oh. what was that? Oh right!*merges with crystal*Psi-spear!

Loboto:Oh crap!*flies through the air at mach 2*


rioko:*Pulls joe's mind out of body*

Joe:*physicaL body faints**mental body*What happened? am i dead?

Rioko: No it's just time for crystal traing. now to my mental world we go.

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