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Originally Posted by Hallucination
BTW, this is about the 5th thread to discuss this topic.
5th thread?! O_O My bad; I've never came here for a looong time, so I didn't know that.

Originally Posted by Prime
You do realize that this is an RPG?
I do.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
RPG's are Role Playing Games... The KotOR series is a 'pure' RPG, meaning it is based off of a Paper and Pencil (PnP) game system, these games are meant to test your mind, not your button mashing capability.
So in these games it is your statistics that matter.
Point taken. However, I guess I'm not satisfied with the slow combat; personally, I would have preferred something like The Elder Scrolls' series's combat system. But then again, every person has his/her own preferences.

When you slice a person, do you slice him with the fastest stroke, or do you forcefully incapacitate him?
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