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Originally Posted by Toa Tahu
Point taken. However, I guess I'm not satisfied with the slow combat; personally, I would have preferred something like The Elder Scrolls' series's combat system. But then again, every person has his/her own preferences.
I realise you like 'twitch' combat games, so do I, but I realise that different games call for different expectations. Example: I do not expect the KotOR level of storyline and depth from say, Battlefield 2, I also don't expect the Battlefield 2 levels of heart pounding gameplay from playing KotOR.

The combat in KotOR isn't "slow" it is tactical you plan things out before hand and watch the event unfold, whereas the combat in say Morrowind is different. But Morrowind and KotOR are different games. If every game played the same way the gaming industry would quickly go out of business, variety is good.

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