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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

I guess I'm just not a diehard writer or literature person. I read for entertainment, not for critizing the use of pronouns and thingies.

"Oh my god, Luke's hairstyle is not the same as in the movie!"

From someone who just reads for entertainment, the Expanded Universe is just fine, thank you.
Ah so you wouldn't be upset if the EU was restarted. Excellent! Then you're really on our side. (or the side of people who think it could be better than it is now, since I don't think everyone wants it restarted like me!)

A lot of the EU fans are upset with the contradictions and need for retcons. They probably ultimately wished that Lucas had walked on eggshells and make his Prequels fit with "established" continuity and affirmed rather than ignored EU in the SE changes (EU fans were super excited when they learned he was putting "the Outrider" in ANH and Coruscant in ROTJ for example, but since then they don't seem to have been very pleased with what made it in and what didn't). A restart would benefit everyone, except the people who desperately want everything to fit into one giant melting pot. There's folks who want Star Tours to be canon, for example, imagine that!

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