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I'd rather just enjoy the books in and of themselves, and not get hung up about whats continuity, canon, or whater. That said:

No, I would not want the entire eu restarted. There are two many plotlines that I am attached to that I would not want to see ended just because it makes things fit in a little better with the movies.

Yes, I am somewhat annoyed by the excessive amounts of unnecessary retcons. I think they either require certain ridiculous suspension of belief (glove of darth vader series for instance, it would seem it should have some lasting effect on the galaxy, not have everything quickly reversed and never mentioned again), or completely changes the significance or scale or whatever of the story. What I would rather they do is take things that fit horribly, and remove them from canon. Better yet, they should just let them fall into obscurity (as in never be referenced), and never say whether it is continuity or not. That would let fans who can think of a way it fits nicely argue/discuss with fans who dont, and everyone could reach their own conclusion and be happy (except those who cant handle ambiguity).

Yeah, you'd think the Emperor had come back to life or something.
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