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To make it close even if a player is standing in the path of the door you need to check the crusher box in the doors entity window. You will have to do that for each of the 4 parts of the door.

As for the speed I am not sure what is wrong. a speed of 10 and 30 is VERY slow. I find anywhere between 70 and 100 works good in most cases for doors, so it seems strange that the doors would open so fast. Have you tried the door without the trigger? Doors do not require a trigger to target them in order to open. So if you try it without the trigger and you still get the problem then at least you know the trigger works right and it is something to do with the door entities themselves (which it most likely is anyway).

Your sure you set the key/value for the door speeds as:
Key: speed
Value: 10

And are you using a linear switch or not? I doubt that would really affec it in the way your describing, but who knows, it might do wierd stuff sometimes.
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