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Originally Posted by Foshjedi2004
That will be why these next few weeks are crucial for Petroglyph...Deliver the Mod tools or an Xpack that expands across all these gaps with a game we Want to have...


The Modders will just close down the large mods and move along to other games...the ultimate Sting in the tail would be IA2 moving to CNC3...
If the bigger mods move to CnC3 it would be a disapointment, seeing as it wont be released until 2007 (most likely late 2007). Not to mention that it's still using the same engine from Generals. Though it's supposed to be "better and improved" version, I seriously doubt that it will be that big of an improvment, maybe in graphics and AI but not much else. Besides CnC3 wont have as much continuality as EaW does. For example, if it follows in the paths of all other CnC games then it wont have anything similar to a "Battle map" (galatic map) meaning when you build one base, in the next mission you move foward and all those other units are scrapped and done for. But in EaW you have a galaxy to control and units matter a lot more because losing one effects your fleet and the continuality. Whew... does that make sense?

Devs should learn that Mod tools are just as big as the game itself now a days. They should learn to release games with mod tools already in them, instead of rushing them out and releasing tools later. Or at least include a map editor with the game. Many devs have learned this lesson, while others still need to.

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