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Rioko: Oh yeah about the smell. I am really not sure why it smells like that.
anyway first you have to learn to merge with the crystal by surging your psychic energy into your crystal.

Joe: You mean like this.*merges perfectly*

Rioko: You are a natural. Now, can you feel the energy within you.

Joe: I don't know. What's it supposed to feel like?

Rioko: sort of like a combination of gas in your intestines and a sudden warmth.

Joe: Yeah.

Rioko: Good. Now use that energy instead of your own to do a psi-blast.

Joe: You mean like this*psi-spear*

Rioko: You did the entire lesson that quick? well, here's a book. It's " How the Crystals Work and How to Use Them" by Razputin ????.

Joe: so that's his last name. I've always wondered. So can I go now.

Rioko: You can't leave ti'll an hour. You better start reading that thing.

Joie: An hour!? Aw man.*reads*

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