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HELP!!! new model shows up as kyle in JK3

Can Anyone tell me what I am missing? I made a new model with 3dMax 8 and used the JK3 Skel.. from PsykoPats web. weighted the mesh,uv mapped and exported it to .xsi file. Ive made the .glm file and the .skin file, and the directory, models,players,myname. and It works Fine in modveiw, But when I Zip the dir.. on my C: drive models,players,myname to a .pk3 file and put it in my base file and start the game. I then change to nonpure server and start a game. I can choose my new model from the default_icon that I made. Instead of my dude showing up I get kyle Katarn to play with. I have read just about every tutorial there is and Looked through tons of forums but cannot find anybody that has this problem. I did not include the bolt cap tags because My dude has no caps.

Can anyone HELP ME!!!

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