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Joe: AAAAAHHHHHHH! Psi-spear!Psi-sprear! Psi-spear! Too many of them!
50 foot Censorsestroy intruder!
Mind ghosts: Give me your soul!
Giant evil butcher from Oleander's mind:Time for choppin'
Joe: Oh %$#@


Raz: Psi-spear!
Rioko:Super shield!
Raz: *punches*
Rioko: Psychic Wave!
Raz: Ah!
Rioko: you lasted 10 minutes.
Raz: Thats two minutes better than last time.
rioko: why don't you go to the training ground.

Back at the traing ground

Joe:finally out of there.
Raz: Hey joe.*hums circus theme and walks through the door*

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