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Originally Posted by GamerX51
Anyway the conflict is with Slikon's mod and one of team gizga's bug fixes, as they use the same global.jrl file If you could tell me how to resolve this, I'd be glad of the help.
You'll have to open the global.jrl files with a GFF Editor. Find and expand the "Categories" list node in the treeview, then check which of the files has the most new entries in that list above list index number 116 (which is the last of the standard nodes, anything higher than that are added by a modder).

Then copy each of the Modded entries from the global.jrl with the least new entries to the other one (to save you some work). Make sure you update the Struct Type for the pasted nodes to match the list index number. That should be enough, unless both mods have added new journal entries that use the same tag.

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