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((with the exception of ryshana i'll presume everyone in in the common room.))

Nic looked around the room and was obviously not too happy about their current situation. "I'm going to spell everything out so please, no interruptions. Our imperial," Nic paused and took a deep breath "'Friend' up there has given us an altermatum, do a job or get burried under blaster fire, i don't know about you but i don't much feel like being barbiqued today."

"The Job is a to find a Ship known as the Rhea, It's an old republic research ship. According to the Imp commander only one man knows it's location, an imperial Moff by the name of John Butcher." Nic paused for a few seconds

"He is the Imperial moff incharge of half the outer rim including Naboo, geonosis and Tatooine. Now how i would normally handle this kind of thing would involve me and Jana breaking in and beatin' the guy 'til he talks. Unfortunetly the Imp would prefer a more subtle approach."

"We're going to have to grift this one, con our way into his confidance, and as they say the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach. From what i managed to find out the Moff is holding a weekend retreat, We have been invited, thanks to the Imperial. I will pose as the head of a Company that owns farms on over 50 planets. I'll try to get the information by using my devilish charm." Nic said with a large smile and looked at Beryl.

"Beryl i hope you kept that dress, You scrub up well and you're my new wife. Ryshana and Jana will all so be joining us as my servents dash bodyguards." Nic turned to Jack.

"Jack. You, cloud and oliver need to find out everything you can about this Moff and our 'Employer'. I like to know who my mark is and who i'm working for!" Nic tured to address the group "Is this clear?"
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