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He scrutinized her posture. "Keep your elbow up," he said. Without another word, he came at her again, his blade humming deeply. She managed to block him, but he flicked the sword up and out of her hands, then brought his weapon down and pointed it at her throat. After a few seconds, he deactivated it, and drew her sword into his hand.
"You can't let your concentration slip," he said, passing her the longsword hilt first. "Keep your mind focused, your thought unclouded. Keep a firm grip on the blade."
"I'm trying!" she said sharply.
"There is no 'try'," he said calmly. "Allow your mind to go blank. Reach out with your feelings. Allow instinct to guide your blade."
She fell into her battle stance again. He placed a hand on her arm and lifted her elbow. "Always keep it up," he said. He walked a few feet away, then turned.
He attacked again, this time bringing his blade up in a slash. She blocked it, then brought her blade around to block another. She managed to meet two more attacks before he disarmed her again, the beam of his blade at her throat once again.
"Much better," he said, dropping his weapon. He turned away from her, attaching his weapon to his belt again. "You have potential," he said.
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