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welcome to the EU forums twolf005

If you miss this series, you will miss a lot of cool Star Wars stuff, because that have put it in the hands of two people who care about making good Star Wars stories
They definitely have a lot riding on its success. If the Legacy comics are shyte, then it will kill part of EUs future.

unless, they can retcon it and say it was a dream sequence or camp fire story[/Kurgz]


still, things like the superhero crotch & muscle bulges, the retro clothes and rockstar poses are making peoples excitement slowly turn to anxiety about the whole idea

time will reveal all

* * *

lolz... for an amusing read, check out the flame war that erupted over at the Dark Horse forums in the very thread that announced the Legacy Series(as per link on page 1)

Things get pretty heated early in but they come to a head by p 35. Where a chap by the name of DarkJoker gets into a tangle with Randy Stadley and John Ostrander. I actually know DJ from elsewhere....he reminds me of a younger Astro who used to get into many forum troublez here and at TFN

still, a fun read - interesting to see that Randy and John even bother to try reason with crazy fanboys LINKAGE


Asinus asinum fricat

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