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Exclamation Where the h3ll is everybody?!?

Hey everybody!....... <DarthMaul v.1/2 pauses upon opening the door to this room, sensing a disturbance in the Force --- it is obvious to his keen senses that NO living creature has been here in quite some time...>


Did Darth Nihilus feel the presence of the 'Force sensitives' in this feedback thread and consume them all?

Is there some darker power behind this mystery?!?

Come on, people! Show the MOD Masters some LOVE! Sheesh! It's been OVER a month since the last post here --- and that one was by me as well! - SORRY darth333! I wasn't trying to post back-to-back here, BUT... -

Look people, it is real easy --- just make a little post here with the name of your #1 favorite MOD AND the name of the AUTHOR of said MOD --- EXAMPLE ---

" I just wanted to say USM is the greatest thing since Carmen Elektra! Gee, thanks ChAinZ.2da!"

Now was that so difficult?

In all seriousness though, it only takes about 30 seconds to make a post thanking the MODders for making YOUR game better. I am a nOOb to MODding AND LucasForums (March '06), and I use currently over 40 MODs made by the talented MODders in this community. These MODs KICK AZZ!!! --- they make my game ALOT more enjoyable (especially after a few play- thru's of the game with out any MODs!). It is like I paid $25 for TSL at the local Target ( pronounced " tar-zhey"!), and thanks to these MODders it is like I got 2 or 3 games for the price of 1!

You see? The GREAT MODders around here provide us with the fruits-of their- collective labors ( their finished MODs), they do ALL the work while we simply down load their blood, sweat, and tears! The least we, as fair- minded people, can do is post a THANK YOU to the MODders here--- so everyone viewing this thread can see it is a good thing to post some POSITIVE feedback, at least ONCE in a while!

Remember, nobody likes an ingrateful person --- not that everyone is ingrateful, but judging by the large # of down loaded MODs and all the HELP! questions in this forum, the difference in TAKING and GIVING around here is WAAAYYY too skewed to the "TAKING" side of the scale!

What goes around, comes around! Who knows, maybe if you leave some feedback here, one of the MODders will see it and remember you when you need some help, advice, tutorial guidance, or have a MOD request.

RESPECT --- I believe that is what it comes down to! NO ONE likes being disrespected--- using these MODders works without at least saying "THANK YOU" is quite RUDE and shows a lack of RESPECT! If you have ever attempted to MOD, then you KNOW how difficult it really is!

Hey, if I can find the time, so can you!
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