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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
still, things like the superhero crotch & muscle bulges, the retro clothes and rockstar poses are making peoples excitement slowly turn to anxiety about the whole idea
These are probably the things thats worrying me the most about this series but then again the way i see it is that it cant be any worse than dark empire or anything by KJA.

Something im not quite understanding is why people are moaning about the Sith coming back? everyone keeps moaning about the fact it ruins the prophecy about anakin destroying the sith but if anything Dark empire managed to ruin that ages ago with han being the one to finally kill palpatine *by shooting him in the back no less!* so hopefully they make it so Cade destroys these new sith hopefully putting back in place that its a Skywalker who finally stops them so in a way it kinda fixes the prophecy as its anakins decendant so in a way by having kids he did fulfill the prohecy?

Did that make sense?

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