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He smiled slightly, and stalked off into the forest.

After ten minutes of hunting the large herbivore, he finally had it cornered. He kept his beam sword ready, a hunting dagger in his other hand. He snuck up quitely behind it.
He heard movement behind him. He sensed a malevolet presence nearby. Throwing the hunt, he ignited his weapon, and brought it around in a wide arch. His blade cut through nothing but air. He heard rapid movement in the trees, and the presence disappeared suddenly.

When he returned to camp, he found that Ty and Gashon had returned, and had a small fire going. He dropped a load of berries and other edible plants on the ground next to Tari. "Sorry, all I could get. Gashon? A word?"
Gashon gave him a curious look, but stood and follwed Tacit out of earshot of the others.
"What is this about, Jedia?" he asked.
"While I was hunting, I sensed... a presence. Something... something dark. Sinister."
"Ok... why are you telling me?"
"Just thought you might like to know," said Tacit sarcastically. "Why do you think? If there's something out here, I want to be able to depend on you to help watch out for Tari, in case I can't be there. And I just don't trust Ty."
Gashon nodded. "Alright. I'll keep an eye out."
"Good. Oh, and one more thing."
"Don't bring back any of that red bark next time. That's where spinnle wasps make their nests."

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