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Ryshana quickly and expertly maneuvered the Headhunter into position underneath the Echo. As the doors opened to the cargo hold, Ryshana carefully boosted power to the repulserlifts and raised the Headhunter into the bay. Feeling around the outside of the Headhunter, Ryshana was very careful not to hit anything as she hovered inside of the bay.

As the bay doors closed beneath the Headhunter, Ryshana carefully made sure the repulserlifts didn't suddenly pick up the closing doors and push the Headhunter into the ceiling of the bay. Whenever the doors closed, Ryshana then carefully landed the Headhunter and activated the docking locks. Opening the hatch, Ryshana jumped out.

"Hey!! Aren't you forgetting something??" the Imperial Officer called out from his spot underneath the Headhunter. Looking over at the man, Ryshana knelt down next to him. "Hmm, nope. I don't think I'm forgetting anything. Those straps look like they'll hold you in nice in tight until we let you down," Ryshana replied with a bit of sarcasm.

As she turned and walked up the ramp towards the ladder, the officer kept yelling out after her. Ignoring him, Ryshana headed up the ladder to the common room. Catching sight of everybody in the common room, minus Jack, Ryshana knew that something had come up. "So, did I miss anything?"

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