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The logic is that you don't CARE about continuity, only about being entertained, so it would not matter to you if the EU was completely restarted.

It seems the people who object to a restart do so because they like the EU continuity how it is and don't want it changed, but rather preserved. Restarting the EU would mean you'd get new stories in Star Wars, so you wouldn't lose that. Unless that's not what you meant. I'm sure you would still be able to buy the old books, it's just that they would be given the same status as "infinities" in favor of the new EU (if such a thing ever happened... I'm just saying I'd like to see it happen).

It really comes down to two questions... does it matter to you that the novels, comics, cartoons, games or whatever material you are consuming is considered part of the "official timeline of Star Wars" or not? And the question of does it matter to you whether or not this other material conflicts with the "reality" presented by the films or not. If neither of those matter to you, then what objection would you have to the EU being restarted? If anything it would allow the artists under Lucas greater creative freedom, and give fans more material to consume and argue over. Best of all it would give them an opportunity to start off on the right foot presenting a more coherent expanded storyline of the Star Wars universe beyond the movies.

As it is it seems the mission of the EU writers is "make it fit" and so they're doing the retcons and new stories. I'm saying better to just restart the EU, since it would do the job better. It wouldn't stop people from enjoying the previous EU stories, unless they can only enjoy things that are part of the "official timeline."

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