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Rioko: *Meditating see flashback*


Domino: Hey, little bro. what do you want to do when you grow up?

Rioko: I want to be a fully fledged crystal chosen one like you.

Domino: Rioko, what do you think happened to our parents?

Rioko: I wish I knew. But it doesn't matter now.

Domino:Rioko, I have a gift for you * hands Rioko the black crystal*

Rioko: Wow! I'm a chosen one!?

domino: Yep. Go see Raz and give him this note.

Rioko: Ok.*runs off*

Flashback over.

Rioko: Domino, Why did you have to die to protect me and the crystals? Why did you go away forever? Why?

In the bushes someone watches.

Yunnie: Poor Rioko. I feel sorry for him.

( I wish princess Dark was here to play yunnie.)

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