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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
..And I've said what I wanted to say, the Expanded Universe is fine as it is, debating is futile.
Im with the Phreak on this one

lolz...restarting EU... how is that possibly feasible or practical ?? Crazy!! Kurgz, Im sure you're registered at TFN - go say that there!! I'd love to read the tumult such an outragous theory would cause

Originally Posted by Kurgan @ TFN "Beyond the Films" Forum
Bah!! They shoud re-start EU. Theres been too much retcons, the NJO sucks and GL has lost the plot !! BTW - The Vong=Species 8472 *runs*

@Prime - "up in arms" is far too dramatic a description!! It was a little annoying to come across that in the pre ROTS buzz, but hey - thems the breaks

But, at the end of it all what it comes down to is, I enjoy reading/watching/playing SW EU. I think Ive been exposed to much of what been put out(exc. recent comix ) and still look forward to spending more time in this universe, inconsistencies 'n' all


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