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Rioko: i was just focusing my enrgy to gain some power. Oh look it's crystal training time.*snaps fingers and everyone is in the his mental world*

Joe: Is this going to be boring again?

Rioko: This time you can actually fight. Not censors though. Instead you will fight shadow creatures. These are the mental embodiments of evil in your mind. A pure-hearted person has none. A true evil person has nothing but. You will spend the rest of your hour studying new techniques from this book and battling my shadow creatures.

Yunnie: So you aren't going to help us.

Rioko: right. i'll be constantly creating more shadow creatures for the rest of the hour.

Rose: How will this help us.

rioko: combat training is essential. you will learn stuff from that book as you progress. There is only 1 page in the book. As you gain ranks by fighting you will obtain more pages.

Rose: Can we get weapons?

Rioko: Yes.*snaps fingers and and 3ft long staffs tipped with 1ft long blades appear*Now begin. shadow creatures attack!

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