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((First thing, Steve:
There is no way for your character to know that Tari is the Ambassador's daughter - not when it's this dark, and when the only light is coming from behind her, making her sillouhetted. Ambassador Hrent would not exactly be broadcasting the fact that his daughter is leaving the city.
I kind of already had a plan as to what was going to happen tonight, and it's rather important to the story. Very important, actually. And it involves howling creatures in no way. I'm sorry, but... I have to ignore that last post, or a key plet point won't develop.))

Tacit looked up at the stars. "Should be a decent night..." he said to nobody in particular. "But it's going to rain tommorow. I can feel it. We'll stick to the treeline tommorow." He looked over at Tari. "Something tells me you're not a fan of being in the-"
He stopped, and his hand flew to his sword. "Get down!" he said sharply. He ignited his weapon, and held it in front of him.
The presence had returned. And it wasn't friendly.
He swung his weapon around and blocked a similar beam - but it this one was blood red, and hummed disconcertingly.
Tacit pushed back, then flipped over his opponent. As he landed, he blocked another attack, then snapped his blade forward sharply. He swung at where he predicted his assailant's arm was, but was blocked easily. He ducked as the red blade sliced through the air towards his face, then threw his weapon upwards to stop the attacker from bringing it back. He kicked out towards the enemy's chest, and felt his foot connect. The man flipped into the air, and landed a few feet behind Tacit. He sensed the red blade coming at his back. He wasn't going to be able to turn in time...

Another blade came soaring into the red blade's path, it's wielder giving Tacit a dark look from behind a mask that covered their face. With a grunt, the newcomer pushed the red blade back and kicked Tacit in the back of the knees. He fell face foward to the ground, his weapon rolling away.
The newcomer pressed the attack against the red bladed stranger, fighting with more tenacity than Tacit had seen in a long time.
A deep trumpet sound issued from off in the distance, and for the first time, he heard sounds of battle coming from far away. The red blade disappeared with a hiss, it's wielder disappearing into the woods. Tacit jumped to his feet, his weapon shooting into his outstretched hand, igniting as it landed in his palm. The green blade lit up the area - there was nobody there anymore.
Sparing a glance over his shoulder, he looked over at Tari. "Are you alright?" he asked.

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