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Originally Posted by Niwram
First of all, before you start the game, you should be able to choose if you wanna be the Exile or Revan. They will meet each other not too far into the game. You should also be able to choose what kind of voice revan and the Exile should have (and what kind of accent). The PC (Revan or The Exile) doesn't have to have a voice, but the NPC( Revan or The Exile) must have a voice, since he will be talking to your PC.
You must also choose what kind of ending you had in the first 2 games, and what kind of sex the two PCs were.

I don't want K3 in any other way.
No offense. But God do I hope that game doesn't happen. Waaay too restricting and alienating for the player. What if the player hasn't played the first 2? New PC all the way and I don't even mind if revan, exile, or even the true sith aren't mentioned at all honestly.
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