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Rioko: *thinking* Wow. joe is kicking some ass. Why don't I send some stronger shadow creatures. He might find a challenge in fighting a shadow version of himself*done thinking* Hey Joe!

Joe: What?

Rioko: *put finger to joe's forhead and creates a shadow joe* you might get a challenge out of fighting this guy.

Joe: What did you do?

Rioko: i created a darker version of you. He is like you in everyway physically. The only weakness that isn't yours that he has is that he doesn't gain power.

Joe:Awesome. a challenge.


Chloe: Where is everyone? *fall into a stump.* whoa. where am I?

Computer: Where would you like to go?

Chloe: Hmmm. What about Ford's Sanctuary?

Computer: Yes agent cruller.

Chloe: This place is huge! whoa another computer. *turns on computer* whats this? Diary entry #1: Life of Loboto


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