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Knights of the Old Republic: Darkness Falls II - Alliances

Star Wars
Knights of the Old Republic: Darkness Falls II – Alliances

The Key to the Galaxy has been returned to the Time Stream, and the damage to the Time-line apparently mended. THE OTHER has returned those involved with the Key to where they would be had these events not taken place, their memories unaffected by the journey backwards in time.

His memories now completely restored, Revan is aware of the love he and Kira shared during the Mandalorian Wars - as well as the darkness that drove him to declare war on the Jedi, throwing the galaxy into chaos. He is now driven to extinguish the darkness that forced him to alienate the woman he loved, and drag the galaxy into a war that would last far longer than the ships would fight.

Those involved in the events of the Key to the Galaxy have formed a bond that runs deeper than the Force. They are all aware of a growing darkness on the edge of the galaxy, and know that they will need to find each other and work together once again to stop the galaxy from falling into eternal darkness...

Revan - The Doctor
Atton Rand, The Disciple (Mical), & Kira Starr (Jedi Exile) - ForceFightsWMe12
Brax – 3yks
Crystal Gray – WildJedi
Jasra Lantill, Karda Jal-Ordo* – JasraLantill

*RobQel-Droma will take on the role of Karda Jal-Ordo upon his return to the forums.

Vros (our villain) -- Once a Jedi that had been sent out on a mission to stop the Cosmic Turbine that eventually led to the Vultar Cataclysm, he now goes by the name of VROS. Upset and ashamed by his failure in his mission, Vros retreated to an unknown planet on the Outer Rim and has fallen to the Dark Side. Although he is human, after 300 years he still only appears middle aged, but as Vros was formerly a Jedi researcher, it is assumed he has used some sort of Sith Alchemy with a goal of spreading Darkness to the Galaxy.
Bastila Shan -- Jedi Master

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