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I've come to notice something in space multiplayer when the game is really close. Usually the games are very one-sided, but once in a while I'm faced with a really tough match, or one that I may even be losing.

When this is the case, it's the team that does the best job of micromanaging thier fleet who will prevail. Carefull selection of targets, and carefully planned movements are key. Stay behind your foes, focus fire from multiple ships on one target, and be aware of the rock-paper-scisors relations.

I've also noticed that when the base is under attack nobody ever bothers to tell the base what to fire at, so it wastes most of it's immense power against fighters. If you tell the base to fire at capitol ships in stead of fighters, it can be devestating.

I think lots of people just build units and deploy them, then kinda forget about them. You can always tell when a corvette is not facing towards any single target. lol That's when I know I have a chance to make things happen.

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