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"Studying maps again, Disciple?" Kira Starr, the Jedi Exile, asked, entering the main room of the small freighter, the Ebon Hawk.
" seems that though the Nav Computer is still locked, there are faint hints as to where Revan went before he disappeared..."
"And you're trying to find them..." she finished, gazing at the rotating hologram of a moon and its surrounding stars, trying to figure out what the Disciple saw. "Of course, I was never as skilled with details as you..."
"Believe me," he said with a chuckle, "If you stared at these maps as much as I have, you'd see it too."
The Exile laughed softly, leaning against the machine. Revan, where have you gone?
And that was the spark. Major Déjà vu. Kira’s laugh stopped in her throat as memory washed back to her of the past few weeks. Or, perhaps better to say, the next few weeks.
“Kira?” he asked, looking at her strangely, “Are you alright?”
“No wonder this felt strange…” she said, a new light coming to her eyes, “This already happened.”
Disciple smiled knowingly, his eyes meeting hers. “I was wondering when you would catch on. Though, I guess after all that had happened to you, it would only be natural you’d be the last to… ‘awaken’.”
She fumbled for a moment. “Wait…wha…You already remembered??”
“An hour ago.” he explained, “Though I had to see the pattern I had found in the maps to trigger it. I figured that I would humour you until you remembered.”
Folding her arms across her chest, the Exile gazed at the ceiling.
“I was the last, eh? That means Atton’s remembered as well?”
“Yeah, I have.”
Her head snapped over to the entrance of the cockpit, where the pilot stood leaning against the doorframe.
Though Atton did have a tendency to appear angsty at times, she had to admit that his expression was quite dark, especially when his eyes alighted on her.
“We’re still in the same situation that we started in, though.” he said, “Low on supplies and fuel. We’ll have to land on Nar Shaddaa.” his sour expression deepened. The Exile guessed he wasn’t too happy about landing on the moon.

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