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A small craft dropped out of hyperspace, soaring towards the smuggler's moon. It gleamed in the harsh light of the Y'Toub sun.
Inside, Revan's hands' flew across the controls, trying to keep the ship stable. He opened a channel to the docking authority. "This is Brandon Oneda, of the..."
he trailed off as strange images flashed through his mind. A tall blue box appearing out of thin air... a stange blue skinned alien with talons of steel... a sharp pain in his chest...
Kira. The last of his memories flashing back to him, he shook his head, trying to sort the images out. He spoke into the comm again. "This is Revan, of the Starlight. My engines are down, and life support is failing. I require assis-"
A gravelly voice broke over the comm. "Wait, did you say Revan?!"
"Yes! I request permission for an emergency landing! Immediately!"
The Starlight shook as it entered the upper thermosphere of the moon, and the exterior hull began to glow red. "My hull is coming apart!"
All he heard was static. The comm was down.
Cursing under his breath, he rerouted power to the hull. He spoke into the comm again. "If anyone can hear me: I'm coming in for landing."

The Starlight began to shake harder as it broke through the cloud line. Inside the craft, Revan was fighting unconsciousness as the city rushed towards him. This is going to hurt...
The Starlight crashed into the docking pad, it's docking struts disabled. Revan smacked his head on the console, and stars burst in front of his vision. Fighting to stay awake, he forced open the cockpit dome and climbed out, landing in an ungraceful heap on the ground. He stood, and shook his head as a crowd began to gather around the crashed ship. Hiding his lightsaber, he stumbled to the docking officer on duty - an old toydarian with gray skin. He passed the creature all the credits he had on him. "Sorry for the mess," he said, looking back at the crumpled ship.
Before the toydarian could get a word in edgewise, Revan was gone. He had to find the Ebon Hawk. He had to find Kira.
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