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Originally Posted by Fatboots
Can anyone tell me where I can find a German to English mod? I've been looking everywhere for a week and I havn't found anything. Any help at all would be really appreciated
Welcome, Fatboots !

I am fairly new around here as well, but I believe I saw some posts with a couple folks that may be able to help, try using the 'search' tool at the top of the page (in the row of tools/features just above the Star Wars Knights header), and do a search for :

- Joris1 - I believe Joris1 may know more, also try:

- stoffe-mkb- : stoffe is located in Europe, speaks English better than most Americans, knows ALOT about MODs and MODding, and is VERY helpful- stoffe is probably your best bet!

Also, I am sure one of the ultra - cool modERATORS can help, but while you're waiting for one of them to reply, search stoffe and Joris1's archived posts, as I am fairly certain this has been discussed by them before!

Good luck, mein freund!

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