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The Force flowed easily through the Exile as she meditated in the back of the ship, trying to sort through the memories of what had never happened. There was an extremely strange man...The Doctor, he called himself, as well as his companions, Nyssa and Tegan...Crystal the telepath...Karda the Jedi, Jasra, the Jedi-turned bounty Omwati called Brax...and...Revan. There were Shards involved...Shards of the Shikon No Tama, the Key to the Galaxy...those Shards had terrible power...over her, over others...the Darkness she had felt fall upon her...she had lost control and...and hurt Atton and Crystal both...she had fought the Doctor, or a future version of himself, called the Watcher...killed a Sith Lord...and all to have the overwhelming power of those damned Shards! Though they were no more, Kira could still feel that tainted energy pull at her heart...
Just then, the ship hummed and began to jolt about.
"We're entering the atmosphere." came Atton's voice through the comm.
Sure, now he tells me. she thought as she braced herself against the wall of the dormitory.
Within moments, the landing gears extended, and they had arrived on Nar Shaddaa. The occupants of the ship piled out, taking in a few deep breaths of real, not-so-fresh air.
"Hey, whata you doin'? Whata you be needin', eh?" came the question of the dockmaster, a toydarian.
"A fuel up," Kira began, offering credits, "And a tune up don't mind." her voice trailed off as she spotted a hunched form in the distance. He was familiar...and as she reached her senses out, there was no mistaking it.
"Revan..." she whispered. He was hurt...and that's when she remembered how they had met up last time. He had crash-landed on the planet.
"Revan!" she shouted, running across the landing pad to him.

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