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Nar Shadda was just as dull and slimey as ever. A heavily entoxicated man stumbled out from the bar, yelling random profanities into the empty street. The man stumbled and fell to the ground. Pulling himself up by the wall, he began to utter a constant stream of threats directed at nobody in particular.
A strange noise filled the air, and the man fell over trying to identify the source of the sound. A strange blue box appeared out of nowhere, as if it were only now fading into existance. The man got up slowly, and stumbled over to the box.
"Whut da hehlll," he said drunkenly, smacking the side of the box with his fist.The door flew open, and a man stepped out, a dark cape flowing behind him. He wore black robes, with a dark green amice (amice). He grabbed the man by the shirt and threw him away from the box. "Stay back, fool!" he spat. He towered over the man, who was now cowering in fear.
"Who... who are you?" he choked out, now fully sober now that his life could be in danger.
"I am the Doctor," said darkly, his deep voice accented unpleasently. "And I suggest you leave, before I lose my temper with you, scum!"
The man scrambled to his feet and ran away, stumbling drunkenly. The Doctor closed the door of the TARDIS, and turned sharply, his long, dark green cape billowing behind him.
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