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"This is the tomb of Ludo Kressh," the voice of an old woman ... Brax frowned, standing outside his small ship, he had just left an old sith academy, and now words drifted through the air.

“Low on supplies and fuel. We’ll have to land on Nar Shaddaa.” Brax's eyes opened, that wasn't right. That isn't what he was supposed to hear, a feeling touched his lips, he blinked ... "Jasra?" He whispered, and frowned looking around him.

That thing ... the Doctor, had said they would be returned to the time stream. He moved quickly back into his fighter, back upto his ship, and off ... headed for Nar Shadaa, he didn't have to locate it this time, he knew right where it was.

The trip felt the same ... it was so weird though, he had memories from the future, he knew that much. The exile was on Nar Shadaa, and so was Revan. Hate filled him for a second, but then memroy of Revan's death, of the forgivness they had given each other. He frowned, part of him lost in the present, instead of the future. Part of him wanting blood.

There is no Peace. There is Anger.
There is no Fear. There is Power.
There is no Death. There is Immortality.
There is no Weakness. There is the Dark Side.

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