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"No, Revan, don't be silly. You did what you had to. It's done and over with now; one for the history texts." Kira said, " probably would have been better if I hadn't over-reacted."
"Kira..." he said, running his thumb across the back of her hand. "I abandoned you...I...I shouldn't have--"
There was a rather loud 'ahem' from the door to the med bay, and Kira looked over her shoulder to see Atton standing there. He was staring daggers at Revan...or more preciesly, his hand.
"Someone's here to see you, Kira." he said, "I think we've made new friends."
Kira cocked an eyebrow, and pulled away from Revan, moving to the door. She heard a rustle of robes, and saw Revan starting to sit up. She was about to move to push him back, but Disciple said, "It's alright, Kira. He's all bandaged up and the painkiller should allow him to stay on his feet. Though any nausea or unsteadiness should be reported immeditatly."
"Ever the doctor, Disciple." she began out again, but turned back for a second. "Pun not intended."

As Kira exited the ship, she found herself facing a group of two toydarians, one wearing the badge of the docking authority, the other was the dock owner, and two disgruntled-looking Duros.
"Yousa de owner of dis ship, eh?" the docking authority toydarian asked.
"Yes, I am. What seems to be the problem?" Kira asked, striding to the group.
"Yousa seen a man callin' himself Revan?"
"No, why?" Kira asked, firing the answer off without batting an eyelash.
"Cuz people bin sayin' dey saw him come to yousa's ship." he said, his wings fluttering angrilly as he put his hands on his waist and came right up to her face.

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