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Brax landed without a sound not far off from where the Doctor was walking away from Kira and ... Revan, who was only just poking his head out of the ramp from the Hawk.

He frowned, did they actually remember him? Was any of this real? Or had he simply gone insane and had some weird hallucination of the future? He sighed and stood up from his crouched position, and apeared about twenty feet off, his hands held up. The red gauntlets not glowing with energy.

"Kira? Revan?" He called, the Doctor had said they would have to work togethor this time around. He stayed were he was, hands held up in a sign of peace.

There is no Peace. There is Anger.
There is no Fear. There is Power.
There is no Death. There is Immortality.
There is no Weakness. There is the Dark Side.

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