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I'd love a Commando sequel, it was very refreshing, having a Star Wars game that didn't have any Jedi or lightsabers, speaking of which Commandos with lightsabers would be bad so would playing a Jedi, we have Jedi Knight and KOTOR series for that, along with Battlefront and Clone Wars(shudders) if you want to storm through a battlefield with a lightsaber. This game was grittier and that's what I liked... after I realised the Force wasn't going to save my backside here.

Just didn't like the ending, though I figured Sev would've survived and ultimately ended up helping the Rebels prior to the Alliance being formed. An Imperial Commando would've been, interesting, but now I affiliate Commandos with fighting the good fight and exterminating Rebels and Jedi would go against that image. So I'm gonna hope the Tides Of War title will happen. But for that one, I hope we find out Sev's fate. I know replacing clones is easy enough, but would Delta Squad want a replacement for him... if they had a choice in the matter, so how would they treat one?

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